Five Solutions That Don’t Work

  1. Ignoring the facts. Not going to see your health care provider because you are afraid of what they will say doesn’t solve the problem. Ignoring the facts that they tell you doesn’t solve it either. Ignoring will just delay the inevitable. Make the appointment, go to the appointment, take action. 
  2. Telling yourself you’ve already tried, but failed. Failure is an awful feeling, especially when you think everyone just watched you fail. You know what’s a better feeling… people watching you pick up the pieces and succeeding after you’ve failed. Failure is part of the journey. Everyone’s journey has a different path, embrace it. 
  3. Time. Using time as your excuse. Time is neutral. We have all have the same amount of time in our day. How could you improve the way you use it? What could you eliminate from your day to allow more time to work on your goals? I guarantee the time is there, but first you must decide that you do have the time. 
  4. Blaming others for your choices. It’s easy to blame our spouse for poor eating habits because they eat that way. It’s easy to blame the kids because you have to entertain them throughout the day. It’s easy to blame your parents because that’s the way they raised you. Own the fact that you are making these choices yourself. Someone may tell you what they THINK you should do, but only you can make choices for yourself. 
  5. Not asking for help. There are so many free resources out there that can help you find what you need. Saying you don’t know where to start without asking for help isn’t going to get you anywhere. Start asking around, start searching for where to begin. You’ll find it. You could simply just say- I need help. No one does life alone, you shouldn’t either.

We’ve all made these excuses at some point. Are you done making them? Take ownership for this life you were given.