Do It For Them

This is to all the parents, grandparents, guardians, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters out there.

You have people that you are responsible for.

You have people that care about you.

You have people that look up to you.

You have people that rely on you.

You have people that are counting on you to be there.

Each time you don’t choose to make your healthy lifestyle a priority you are letting those down around you. It may not be an immediate let down, but it will be years down the road when they are the ones taking care of you. 

Who do you know that has to take care of a loved one that is sick from a disease that isn’t preventable? Do you see the toll that it takes on that person? They have to sacrifice so much in their own life to care for this person. The physical, emotional and financial toll is no joke. 

So why would you willingly create an unhealthy lifestyle for yourself? 

Do you want your partner or kids constantly worried about you?

They are worried that you won’t be there for the long haul.

They are worried that won’t be there for the little and big moments anymore.

They are worried that you wont be able to see your future grandchildren.

Nothing is guaranteed to us, but isn’t it time to really start doing everything you can to be here for as long as you can?  Isn’t it time to create that healthier lifestyle? If you can’t find the motivation, think of all of those around you that need you. That will get you moving. Each time you want to quit, think of them.