Your Tomorrow

Here’s a thought you may have never considered- the choices you make today will create your circumstance for tomorrow. 

Each day we make so many decisions. These decisions could be massive, but they could also be something so small as hitting snooze for an hour in the morning. (Guilty of doing this).  What happens when you hit snooze? Do you actually get good sleep after? Maybe, but in reality you already broke a promise to yourself. You already decided that your priorities aren’t strong enough to follow through with. How does this set you up for the day and other decisions you’ll be making throughout your day?

Here’s another example of how your decisions today create your future for tomorrow. Let’s say you wanted to start eating healthier. So you gather everything you need to start eating better and plan it all out. Then you decide that don’t really feel like eating healthy today. You go diving into your pantry for an unhealthier item or you go order out from your favorite places. Now you could be thinking well I already ate that today, so I might as well not even bother to eat healthy for the rest of the day. You wake up the next day and you have to recommit to your goal again because you didn’t follow through the day before.

 It’s a cycle that’s hard to get out of. When you find yourself in this cycle it’s time to assess what are your top priorities. Recommit and really question yourself as to why you are willing to self-sabotage yourself day after day. Each day you quit on yourself is another day of missed opportunities. 

How badly do you want this new lifestyle? Will you commit whole heartedly? Are you willing to make better choices for you today to set up more success for tomorrow?

If this cycle is something you keep coming back to, hire a coach. I will help you get out of the cycle and onto a clear path holding your vision. We will get the results faster than you could on your own.