Just Start

Starting is the hardest part. Gathering that willpower can be the most exhausting part of the whole process. The anxiety, stress, and overwhelm leading up to taking the first steps is what’s preventing you from starting. What if those feelings lead you to the best journey you’ve ever taken yourself on?

You can spend so much time researching and planning what your new journey is. Spending all of this time is just another excuse for you not to start. In reality you just need to know your first step. Once you know your first step and you start taking action then you can start creating the second step. Just being one page ahead is all you need to stay on your journey. Detours will happen, but that’s what makes your story unique.

You know can do it, you’ve seen others do it. These other people aren’t anymore special than you are. Don’t let the fear, doubt, overwhelm prevent you from stepping out onto this new path. We all have a bright light we can show the world, don’t let yours be dim. 

Just start.