10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Started Improving Your Health

  1. You tried before and didn’t see success. Sometimes our initial plans don’t workout the way we planned. So adjust the course of action. Start again. It’s not always easy to make big life improvements, but they are always worth it. Think to yourself, will I always regret the fact I didn’t start again? Will you regret you didn’t get over the fear of failure? 
  2. You have a poor family history of medical conditions. Could this be the motivating factor as to why you make the changes? Just because your family members may have certain conditions it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed them. Commit to changing the narrative for your future family and the health you want them to have. Make the changes. 
  3. You simply have no time. What else are you making time for that isn’t benefiting you? How much television are you watching? How much time are you spending on your phone/computer scrolling or watching videos? That may be your downtime activity, but don’t say you don’t have the time when you really do. You are just choosing something else to do instead of making healthy changes in your life. 
  4. Your kids and spouse need your time and attention. I bet you would show up better for them if you found the time in your day to work on your health. They need the healthiest version of you to keep up with them. 
  5. Your tired. Exercising can improve your energy level, even just a walk outside can erase your fatigue. Are you consuming foods that give you energy or eating food that gives you an initial burst of energy followed by a big crash? Are you tired because you aren’t getting enough sleep? Do you have a good bedtime routine? Are you wasting time watching Netflix or scrolling your phone while laying in bed? Make the time to exercise, eat better and sleep better.
  6. You work long hours. Some days this may be true. The days will feel even longer when you constantly feel sluggish from lack of good nutrition, good sleep and no exercise. Even if you have a job that requires you to be active, you still need to consistently get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes 4-6 times a week. Your body is used to your work activity, but you need to challenge it to improve your health. 
  7. You don’t have money for a gym membership. You don’t need a gym membership to workout. You don’t even need workout equipment. You need some sneakers that can take you on a walk. You could also watch free videos on Youtube for at home workouts that require no equipment whatsoever.
  8. Buying healthy food is expensive:  Yes, buying more produce etc can be expensive. But do you also need to buy all the processed snacks and junk for your home to? You could also buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh, since those are often a bit cheaper. Eating highly processed food consistently will lead to poor health later on causing more health care related costs.
  9. I’m terrible at cooking: Everyone is terrible at cooking when then they start, but over time you improve your skills one recipe at time. Start with a simple recipe and master a few of those  and then work your way up to more complex recipes. 
  10. I don’t even know where to start: It may seem like a big goal to commit to improve your health, but I promise breaking it down into bite size chunks will make it an achievable goal. Ask for help, ask myself, ask your doctor, ask your friend who has made these changes, ask the internet. You can find the way to start. 

These are just excuses we have been telling ourselves. Do these excuses bring the results you want in your life? Do they give you a good feeling? Do they make you take action? No they don’t. Time to ditch with the excuses and start telling yourself it’s time to make the changes.