What’s Getting In The Way

How many times have you told yourself :

“I’ll get to that once I lose these 20lbs” 

“I’ll do that once I have more money saved” 

“I can’t leave my awful job because I need this job.” 

“I can’t eat better because my family doesn’t like any of the health foods I like” 

“I don’t have the time to exercise” 

“I don’t have the time for dating or a relationship”

It may sound ridiculous reading these thoughts, but you have to admit you’ve said a few of these things at some point in your life. Or at least a variation of them. You might not have realized it then, but these thoughts are holding you back from really getting after what you want. 

So you’ll get to it one you lose those 20 lbs, what are you doing right now to actively work on losing those 20lbs?

Putting your financial goals on hold until you have more money? What can you do today to save some money or make some more? Where can you stop spending? Have you actually made a budget yet?

So you’re family doesn’t eat well, what could you do for your next meal to set the example of a more nutrious diet?

How much time did you waste yesterday? Could you put your phone down or shut off the tv and make 20 minutes to go for a power walk?

Do you want to be in a relationship? How about you decide today that you want to commit to dating. You decided you want to make the time to find that relationship. What do you need to do daily to work on that? 

You are making excuses for yourself, because you think the things you want to change will be too hard. They are going to require time, patience and you may even have to learn some new skills. You’ll be stretching your comfort zone and making new habits. What would you be missing out on if you kept making these excuses? What are you taking off the table by not committing to yourself?

Do you want to be stuck with those 20 extra pounds? Do you want to continuously feel financially restricted? Do you want to stay in the job that’s draining you? Do you want to continue eating crappy food? Do you want to have a sedentary lifestyle? Do you want to be in a relationship?

You got this. Commit to taking one step at a time. That’s all you need to create the momentum to go forward.