Why Quitting Isn’t Worth It

Imagine if you gave up after every time something got hard. 

Where would you be working?

Where would you be living?

Who would be you partner?

Would you have kids?

What would your lifestyle be like?

What degrees would you have?

I could ask myself these questions:

What if I gave up when I initially didn’t get into the Pharmacy program at MCPHS?

What if I gave up when I almost failed out after my first year of College?

What if I stayed in the relationships that were not the best?

What if I gave up when I miscarried after trying to get pregnant for 7 months? 

Those were all good reasons in my head to not move forward with my plans for the future. I felt a lot of shame with those scenarios. Quitting on any of those just felt like the easy way out. In no way did quitting on those goals feel good or ok for the matter. 

It is so tempting to quit when a curve ball is thrown your way or when you’ve been tumbling down the mountain for a while. The question you really need to ask yourself is this: will I be ok with the decision to quit? Will I constantly regret this decision? Did I make this decision because it was the easy way out? Did I make this decision because others told me it was in my best interest?

Not quitting on your dreams will only prove to you that you can in fact accomplish great things. You can look fear dead on and run towards it. You can look at failure as part of the journey and adapt along the way. It shows you that even the best laid plans need some adjustment on the way. Nothing is certain or guaranteed as seen recently. So how can you teach yourself some resilience? How will you show resilience to your family? To your friends? To your coworkers? 

You know what also happens after you decide not to quit on your goals? You start to see a new way forward, new doors opening, new relationships being made and maybe a bigger opportunity. You believe in yourself again. You take back your self doubt and your judgement for yourself. You use that energy to believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world. 

See you soon