We Have The Ability

We are so fortunate!

Most of us are able to move our bodies in any direction we want. We are able to do any activities we want. We are able to participate in all of the events. We don’t have to think about our limitations on a daily basis.

I bet you can think of a handful of people that aren’t able to move their bodies like you can. They may not be able to do all the activities they wish they could. They may have to sit out certain events. 

Why are you choosing to sit on the side lines when you are fully capable of being in the game? Why would you put unnecessary limitations on yourself? Why would you disrespect your body intentionally? Why wouldn’t you give your body the support it needs to carry through a long healthy life? 

I have a thought to offer, for the next time you think “ I need to” or “ I should” exercise. Switch the thought to “I get to” exercise. This simple little word shift could be what gets you up and moving. It’s amazing how simple little words can create such strong actions or inactions in our life. 

If you are one of these people that is struggling to get moving try this out for a few weeks. I look forward to hearing if it helped you get on the path of a physically active lifestyle. 

Talk soon,