Start Taking Action

Let’s talk Super Bowl! No, I’m not referring to the actual football game or the half time show. I’m talking about that Google commercial!! Holy moly, did I cry. I don’t mean just a quick little cry..I was SOBBING! Here I am thinking I was the only one that was so emotionally moved by that commercial. Nope! There are so many people that thought of their loved ones when that commercial aired. In case you missed it, here it is!

This commercial primarily showed me just how precious our time here really is. Our time with our family, friends, ourself…it can all just fade away. I know I’m being a bit gloom and doom here, but let’s be real— how many of us are actually living our life the way we want to? 

It is our responsibility to create the life and memories we want. It isn’t our families responsibility, it isn’t our jobs responsibility, it isn’t the responsibility of our friends. We are the ones in charge of making choices in our life that will either propel us in the direction we want or hold us back. Many people are sitting back watching their life pass right by them giving excuse after excuse as to why they aren’t living the way they want. The past may be what is preventing you from taking action in your life, but are you going to let the past keep dictating how you are living your life now?

Many would love to have a body or mind that you have now. So, don’t waste it. Take care of yourself, start showing up for yourself, start playing an active roll in your life. That way you can create those amazing memories like Loretta’s Husband has.