It’s All About The Details

I’m sure you have all heard before that it just takes small steps to get big results. Well it’s true! How many of you have attempted a diet plan that was totally different than how your normally eat? Or started an intense exercise regimen when you’ve been used to sitting on the couch? Have you been able to follow through on theses changes? Most likely, the answer is no. You have to start with the small changes in order to build sustainable habits.

So this week I thought it would be fun to do a small challenge! I’m going to list out 10 small action steps and I want you to pick 1 to do this week! These steps can either help you get a better night sleep, feel healthier and/or feel less stressed. You’ll see that even just accomplishing this one small step will fire you up for the upcoming week. That feeling of accomplishment will build that momentum in you to keep reaching for your bigger goal week after week.

  • Swap out your unhealthy snacks for a healthier option!
  • Get out for a 30 minute walk a few times this week.
  • Instead of ordering your lunch at work, bring yours from home.
  • Try 5 minutes of meditation daily.
  • Clean up that one space in your house that’s driving you crazy!
  • Check off that nagging item on your to-do list.
  • Add in 1 more serving of veggies daily.
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.
  • Put your phone away 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee/tea.

Let me know what item you are going to try this week! Maybe none of these are resonating with you. If that’s the case I challenge you to find one action step that you can make happen this week and please share it with me!

As always, thanks for reading!!


P.S. Mine is putting my phone away 1 hour before bedtime!